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images rob kent windsurfing classifieds

Lepe is one of our favorite locations for short boarding as the wind funnels up the Solent in a westerly making it windier there than many locations. Inspite of this a small group of sailors completed the course, perhaps to the surprise of some less well informed members of the windsurfing community ,longboard Raceboards finished in 2nd Rob Kent4th Nick Kid. Those who had arrived at the race site early had the opportunity of parking in the most scenic positions overlooking the sea and shelving shingle beach. So the final results left Jamie and Ali clearly in 1 st and 2 nd Although it has to be noted they did not have it all their own way followed by a close group of Mark Kay, John White, James Bulleid and Rob Kent. With the ever increasing strength and depth of the fleet there were at least 10 sailors capable of winning races and with winds forecast to vary from knots then predicting the result was almost impossible. All the LWA events. Rob back on his well taped Tushingham race sail and Jon White had great ding dong battle but could not touch the flying Mark Kay who convincingly won the overall title. This played firmly into the hands of those with the best adjustable downhaul and outhaul systems.

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    Rob Kent from the Calshot Activity Centre won the Windsurf Round the Island Race which took place on Friday 10 April. Second was Chris Gibson of HISC and​.

    images rob kent windsurfing classifieds

    Rob Kent has been windsurfing since the 80's and along with his wife and 2 daughters it has become a family obsession. Whether blasting round in 40knots or.

    Harriet Ellis continues to enjoy her Raceboard sailing and took 7th place overall.

    Longboard lady Annette Kent windsurfer profile – Windsurfing UK Magazine

    After three Rob Kent will be at Oxford Sailing Club at Farmoor on Sat Feb
    Rumour has it we will see a special guest star appearance from Guy Crib - See you there. The session will start at 5pm and include Kit tuning, Sailing Technique, Starting practice and Race tactics followed by a debriefing session in the club house where food and drink will be on sale. We will never sell your data and you'll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you'll enjoy.

    Harriet Ellis continues to enjoy her Raceboard sailing and took 7 th place overall. Race-3 again saw Mark charge to the front of the fleet pursued by Rob Kent with Tom and Dave chasing at their heels.

    images rob kent windsurfing classifieds
    With four of us windsurfing we do, however, have a garage packed full of kit, including 11 short boards, six surfboards and 6 bikes between us!

    Tushy have been doing well in racing. The power in this sail was awesome, but as time went on I knew this was the sail that was going to make me the sailor I'd dreamed of becoming and as each week went by my expectations of myself increased as my confidence in the kit grew. Tom Naylor after some un-characteristic problems on Saturday and Sunday found his form to finish 2nd in 2 of the races Leaving Mark Kay, Rob Kent and Mark Carney to fight over the third and fourth places.

    As of this moment, in mid-season ofyounger Raceboard sailors are coming to the fore. Day-1 - With the wind varying between knots it was important that the lighter sailors take full advantage of these conditions before the stronger winds arrived later in the weekend.

    The gradient wind battled all day with the sea breeze making it impossible for the race crew to set a course and finally racing was abandoned.

    When I was 19 I bought my first windsurfing board, a Mistral SST from my now husband Robert Kent.

    The first sail out on hosted familiarization trips 2016 new board ended with me being. Rob Kent came away a little frustrated, as he struggled to turn his good speed into decent results after a few bad starts and getting the wrong. In fact, Rob Kent who clocked in 4 first positions on the Inland series (winning on minimum points) with just one sail – The Tushingham XR.
    The series championship covered 5 events.

    Annette Kent was 1 st Lady. The raceboard fleet was extremely competitive, with the lead changing many times in each of the five races.

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    Short boarding in a southerly is good from here, being safe in the shallow water at low tide. Will it blow or won't it both the Mumbles and Christchurch suited the heavy weights. The first time I competed it took me four and a half hours to circumnavigate the required 14 miles.

    images rob kent windsurfing classifieds
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    Rob Kent eventually managed to reel in John on the last downwind leg to finish 1st with John 2nd and Pierre 3rd.

    John Ellis gave it his best shot but ran out of energy before the finish but made a great beach landing in the ever increasing shore dump. Check out their report below. The wind dropped for race 3 of the day and with the tide at full flood it was a tough upwind beat and Mark Page making his debut race for the event sailed well to gain a very creditable 6th.

    This was the start of an exciting time windsurfing together. I am currently leading the ladies and aim to stay ahead and take the Ladies tittle in both the UKWA cup and inland series for which she achieved — ed. Race-2 - again saw the 2 RSX sailors again at the front of the fleet but this time Mark Carney demonstrating the impressive upwind performance of the Kona was able to split the 2 RSX sailors finishing 2 nd after Jamie.

    The windsurfers endured a slow start, waiting for the sea breeze to make its mark, but this didn't stop Rob Kent securing a record sixth.

    Post all your windsurfing related for sale and wanted ads on here, add your friends 。二手货小组. 中的搜索结果.

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    Rob Lloyd 的照片 . Falmouth. Massive longshot, but is anyone going to Kent and back to Cornwall within the next 2 weeks?

    Rob Kent Tushingham Sales Team Rider

    Robert Andrews, Jules Brown, Rob Humphreys, Phil Lee Sailing and windsurfing are especially popular along the south coast (particularly the Isle of Wight.
    For over 18s the maximum sail size for men is 9.

    My form book tips for this event :. Overall 1st place went to Guy Cribb who in a very generous gesture passed his prize a holiday for 2 to club vass to the last place to complete the entire course.

    The icebreaker series is a team event with four in a team. We went all round the country competing, then stared competing internationally. I think it is fantastic to see new people coming into longboard racing. Sunday started early as people were woken by the driving rain and 40 knot gusts rattling passed their camper vans.

    images rob kent windsurfing classifieds
    Mark is also leading the inland series but Rob Kent, Jon White and Chris Gibson will be looking for revenge at the final Rutland event later this month.

    Racing most days began any time after midday when the wind had stabilised, the highlight of the week being a 20 mile long distance race.

    Windsurf MagazineRACEBOARD EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS DAY 4 & 5 Windsurf Magazine

    Yes, of course there were. James Bulleid seemed to read the situation perfectly and disappeared whole leg ahead of the rest of the fleet. It would seem that years as a keen IMCO sailor paid off for Jon White who after a mediocre result in the 1st race suddenly found his form to take a 1st and 2nd place in race 2 and 3 using an XR-Race on his Equipe The first time I competed it took me four and a half hours to circumnavigate the required 14 miles.

    images rob kent windsurfing classifieds


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    1. The first race was a non standard upwind downwind with a start only some m off the beach. Those front sailors returning from a nearby bay where they had been waiting, suffered shore dump damage with Rob catapulting through his tushingham race sail meaning that he would be down to a 9.

    2. As the race evolved, taking full advantage of her 8. That is the story of one young lady who had a shot at Raceboard - there IS an alternative to RS:X and Formula — which is particularly worthwhile if a large slice of your windsurfing takes places in the more fickle winds on inland waters - and it need not be an expensive one.

    3. Day-3 - Possibly even colder than Sunday but with a solid knot NE blowing. For the 2 nd time this year we had special guest appearances from our Olympic squad in the form of Jamie Ingram and Ali Masters and this time they brought along a few of their friends!

    4. Brogborough has a reputation for providing good hospitatility and good wind. As always, it is a challenging journey to reach the race site on a Bank Holiday Friday and it was no exception this time.

    5. Race-3 saw John White appear at the front, obviously now getting used to his new Phantom, followed by Rob Kent and Pierre Buren making a guest appearance from France - Maybe checking out the form book before the up coming north sea cup at Folkstone. Racing most days began any time after midday when the wind had stabilised, the highlight of the week being a 20 mile long distance race.